The most common use for our alerts are to monitor comings and goings on driveways. Our range of alert products are designed to pick up the motion from heat sources, such as vehicles, animals and people. 

 They’re commonly used with young families for peace of mind that little ones haven’t wandered out the driveway.


Garages and garden sheds

With valuable possessions, including machinery, bikes and tools, were conscious that when we’re away from home, and even when we’re at home, that there are chances of them being stolen. With our range of wireless cameras, you can keep an eye on any motion that happens within your property when you’re not there, either by recording any activity or being notified that someone has arrived on your property. 



Neighbourhood security

We’ve worked with neighbourhood communities who have come together to protect their street and to offer peace of mind to their residents. Security cameras are an option to have set up at various points along a street to offer a sense of security for the residents in being able to provide safety and evidence when there may be thefts.