Doorbell & Universal Transmitter Kit – 1.6km

Doorbell kit - web.jpg
Doorbell kit - web.jpg

Doorbell & Universal Transmitter Kit – 1.6km

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Our Door Bell / Universal Transmitter Kit lets you know when someone has pressed the button or alternatively when any of the inputs are activated by something else, sounding a beeper inside .  

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Product Features

  • Complete kit to cover one driveway/access.

  • Up to 1.6km line of site Transmitter and house

  • Wireless, no wiring required

  • Can be expanded up to 16 entrance ways on the one system, with a variation of sensor types

Product Includes

  • 1 x Outdoor sensor (Rubber weatherproof Seal)

  • Screws to mount Sensor

  • 1 x Indoor Receiver

  • 1 x Plug Pack for Indoor Receiver

How it works

The Sensor is set up on the Door, Gate or wherever you want to transmit a signal from some other devices you want to monitor.  The sensor has an Button on the front (can be just a doorbell) and has an input (NO,COM, NC) which can be activated by something else such as float in a water tank, pump, orchard fan etc.

Upon being activated, the sensor will send a signal back to your receiver unit (which notifies you – so usually set up in your house, shed, office etc).  

The kit has a range of 1.6km (1.0 mile) between the sensor and the receiver.

What else do I need to know?

  • The sensor is powered by 1 x CR123a battery. (included) 

  • The receiver (in the house) is powered by a plug pack, which plugs into a wall socket (this is included in the kit).

  • Your receiver has four different volume levels.

  • You can program your receiver to play one of 12 tunes.

  • If you have more than one sensor connected to your receiver, you can program your receiver to play a different sound for each sensor to help you identify which sensor is activated.


This product is compliant with NZ & Australian Radio Regulations.