Additional Receiver – 1.6km range

Receiver - web.jpg
Receiver - web.jpg

Additional Receiver – 1.6km range


Our Receiver is the part in the house. It lets you know when someone has arrived on your property, sounding an alert beeper.

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  • Plays a sound to alert you that someone has passed arrived

  • Receives signals up to 1.6km from any sensors programmed into it.

  • Monitor up to 16 entranceways / points, with a variation of sensor types

  • Expandable in multiple configurations

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Receiver  Unit

  • 1 x Plug Pack

How it works

The Receiver can be located at any point you wish to be alerted, upstairs, downstairs, in the shed, workshop, and office. Upon being activated, the receiver unit will give off an alert tone. You have a choice of 12 tunes (can be different for every sensor or the same tune). There is also a volume control with 4 levels of control.  

The receiver will receive signals from any sensor programmed into it up to 1.6km (1.0 mile) away.


This product is compliant with NZ & Australian Radio Regulations.