Repeater (powered) - 1.6km range

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Repeater (powered) - 1.6km range


A Repeater receives signals from sensors and re-transmits them to the receiver. It provides the ability to monitor entranceways from a greater distance by using a repeater to receive the signal and pass it on to your receiver in your home.

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  • Plugs into mains power  

  • Receives signals up to 1.6km from any sensors programmed into it.

  • Receives a signal and transmits it on to the Receiver unit

  • Monitor up to 16 entranceways / points, with a variation of sensor types

  • Expandable in multiple configurations

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Repeater

  • 1 x Plug Pack 

How it works

The Repeater is used to boost the signal or lengthen the range from the sensor to the house. Predominantly used where there is a hill in the way. However you will need power for this option, so this intermediate point could be another house, pump shed, shed etc. Can be located at any point within 1.6km of the sensor and transmits a signal a further 1.6 km to the house.

It could even be in a house where it gives all the receiver functions, but further transmits to another house further away.

What else you need to know

  • The repeater is powered by a plug pack, which plugs into a wall socket (this is included in the kit).

  • Your repeater has four different volume levels.

  • Powered by a 12v DC plug pack

  • You can program your receiver to play one of 12 tunes.

  • If you have more than one sensor connected to your receiver, you can program your receiver to play a different sound for each sensor to help you identify which entrance way someone has entered by.

  • All Sensors coming into the Repeater are transmitted as one Signal


This product is compliant with NZ & Australian Radio Regulations.