Repeater (Solar) - 1.6km range

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Repeater (Solar) - 1.6km range


A Repeater receives signals from sensors and re-transmits them to the receiver. It provides the ability to monitor entranceways from a greater distance by using a repeater to receive the signal and pass it on to your receiver in your home.

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  • No power required for the repeater – solar powered.

  • Receives signals up to 1.6km from any sensors programmed into it.

  • Powered by a Solar Panel 

  • Monitor up to 16 entranceways / points, with a variation of sensor types

  • Expandable in multiple configurations

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Repeater

  • 1 x Solar Panel

  • 1 x 7.0 A/H Battery

  • 1 x Plug Pack

How it works

The Repeater is used to boost the signal or lengthen the range from the sensor to the house. Predominantly used where there is a hill in the way.

No power is required for this option, so this point could be a up on a hill or in the middle of the bush. Can be located at any point within 1.6km of the sensor and re-transmits a signal a further 1.6 km to the house.

What else you need to know

  • The repeater is powered by a Solar Panel via a 7.0 A/H Battery (this is included in the kit).

  • Your repeater has four different volume levels.

  • You can program your receiver to play one of 12 tunes.

  • If you have more than one sensor connected to your receiver, you can program your receiver to play a different sound for each sensor to help you identify which entrance way someone has entered by.

  • If more than 1 Sensor is learnt into the repeater - it will only transmit a single signal to the house.


This product is compliant with NZ & Australian Radio Regulations.