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Do I need to be able to see the driveway gate from the house?

The short answer is no, you don’t need to see the gateway.. The sensor at the gate will detect activity and transmit it to the receiver wherever it is located. It will send the alert signal thru trees, buildings or bush to the house which can be up to 1.6 km away. If you have a hill between the gateway and house - you may need a repeater. If in doubt about your situation - please feel free to call the sales team in our office.

The term “Line of Site” - what does this really mean?

The wording “line of site” is often used to qualify the range ability of a radio signal. When we quote a range between the gate and house of 1.6km line of site (LOS), what we are saying is that if you have line of site - you will get a range of 1.6 km. If there is trees or objects in between then these objects will attenuate the signal (reduce the strength of the signal) and therefore you may only get a direct line of site distance of 800 metres or 1 km.

This is why we sell our radio products with as 30 day money back guarantee - if it doesn’t do the distance - we’ll take it back. Feel free to discuss your situation with our staff if in doubt.

What level of motion will it detect?

PIR ALERT This will detect moving infrared heat up to 30 metres away (depending on settings). It will ignore small animals such as rabbits, cats and opossums. Will not be activated by moving trees or shrubs. Will detect people, cows horses and vehicles.

POINT to POINT BEAM The beams can be up to 100 metres apart. Normally mounted so small animals will pass under the twin beams. Will activate when large animals, people or vehicles pass thru the twin beams. Will also activate if any trees or shrubs interrupt the beams. Birds flying past or leaves blowing around are not an issue.

PROBE This is activated when anything interrupts the magnetic field. So any vehicles, motorbikes or bikes will activate it. Ignores ALL animals, people and trees

What about my dog or cat going through?

It depends on the product that you have. See question above in relation to how the different systems operate.

What about trees and shrubs setting off the alarm?

PIR ALERT This is a passive infrared detector (PIR) and trees don’t give off Infrared - so this is not an issue.

POINT to POINT BEAM You don’t want trees interrupting the beams as this will give you false alarms

PROBE This product detects anything metallic - so trees or shrubs are not an issue

Can I monitor more than one driveway?

With the Dakota Alert range of products, you can monitor up to 16 Sensors. This can be a mix of different sensors such as PIR Alert, Point to Point Beams, Probes or doorbell / other inputs.

What if I’m not inside to hear the alarm go off?

There is three options to deal with this.

  1. One is a pager you can carry around with you when you are around the property

  2. Alternatively you can install a receiver with outputs in the in the house. You can can connect an outdoor siren to this which will activate at the same time as the sounder in the house.

  3. You can have more than one receiver. (ie. One in the house and one in the shed or office)

Can I have more than one receiving station?

You can have any number of receivers. One in the house, shed, office, 2nd house, shop, kennel, cattery, cowshed etc. Furthermore various sensors can do to differing receivers.

What are the differences between the products?

Sensors - There is a range of sensors available. These all have the same radio alert range to the house but provide different methods of detection.

  1. PIR ALERT (DCMT)- Detects moving infrared - very popular cost effective option - simple to install

  2. POINT to POINT BEAM (BBT)- a lot more accurate - little more involved to setup, bigger detection range

  3. PROBE (DCPT)- Detects only anything metallic - ignore everything else.

  4. DOOR BELL (UT)- Ideal for Automated gates, at a counter or reception, or in a shop

  5. AUX INPUT MODULE (UT)- You can install any device into this to get an alert 1.6km away - ie Pump running, water level alert, gates

Receivers - There is a range of receiver options.

  1. RECEIVER (DCR) - This has 12 different sound options and will accommodate up to 16 different sensors .

  2. RECEIVER WITH OUTPUTS (4K- PRE) - has all the function of the standard receiver with the addition of 2 x dry contact relay outputs and a 12 volt output.

  3. PAGER (PR) - a portable receiver you can carry around with you.

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