Rural & Lifestyle Blocks

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It is not uncommon for rural properties and lifestyle blocks to have more than one entrance way, often with entrance ways more than a few hundred metres from, or well out of sight from the house. And the biggest challenge is how to detect visitors at this point where invariably there is no power and alert you in the house. Our alert systems can manage up to sixteen entrance ways with each entrance having a distinctive sound at the house - so that you know where someone has entered from. 

Our alert systems also have the ability to notify more than one receiver, so that a sound will play at your home, or if you’re in the shed, on the receiver there also. If you’re hard of hearing, we can also arrange for alternative sounders so that you’re sure to hear visitors arriving, either inside your house or shed, with a horn.


Sheds, workshops & fuel tanks

Most rural lifestylers would be able to share a story when they’ve had unwanted visitors snooping round and taking property, whether it be machinery, tools, fuel, animals or produce. Our alert systems can be set up to advise of anyone entering your property, sheds or orchards and then for further or alternative security the use of cameras can record activity and keep an eye on your assets when you can’t be there in person.

A selection of our camera products have motion detectors that can begin recording when someone comes into site of the camera. These cameras can be battery powered, so mount them wherever you want, or we also have a mains powered or solar powered option. 


Horticulture & Vineyards

Without a doubt, fruit theft is on the rise , particularly with avocado orchards being cleared out overnight. We offer a range of products that help, whether it be alert systems you can set up over entrance or gateways, within the orchard or cameras to monitor with night-time vision, or even number-plate cameras. Our team are frequently helping customers with similar problems and are happy to discuss your situations ensure that the solution is best for your property.